egi-luze Ciders

The Egi-Luze cider house was founded in 1980 at the familiar country cottage in the town of Renteria just a few miles away from San Sebastian. Since then, Egi Luze has changed quite a bit, to adjust to the new era and needs.

Nowadays, we can find Egi Luze as a big but cozy cider house at a privilege location surrounded by nature and peace. It´s surrounded by plenty of apple trees, from the property, where the natural cider comes from. Egi Luze produces, depending on the anual vintage, around 250.000 litres approximately.

Cide House – txotx season

Opened on the Txotx season (January-May), Egi Luze  can host 250 people, all seated down in big large tables surrounded by huge oak barrels.

Egi Luze offers cider house menu, which incudes: cod omelette, fried cod with peppers, grilled veal chop and for dessert, walnuts, local cheese and quinze.